Adventures with Mrs. Key

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whooaaa Baby

Hold on horsey! I've been a busy moma. Since my freebie post in the wee hour of the morning last night, I have created two more packets that all match. I love matching products. They just make me squeal with delight. You can download and preview the Amaze Me Freebie, Word Work Pack, and Listening Center Response Pack. All you have to do is click each link. Please remember that I am sleep deprived new to all of this. If you decide to download them and find any mistakes, please email me and I will fix them in a jiffy! I am now going to cut my computer off, my telephone down, and enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Can we say..EXCITED?!?!

CAN YOU BELIEVE I JUST POSTED MY FIRST PRODUCT ON TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS?!?! I've even pinned it to Pinterest. Of course, it's the free product! I am working on another product. Hopefully, people will be able to use it.

This is definitely a learning process. I sure hope I haven't broken any copyright laws. I read the rules for a long time today. I read them then I read them again. Then, I read them AGAIN! I've read them so many times that my eyes are starting to cross.

If you go to my TPT store, you can download my very first product.

Have a Happy Sunday! :)