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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I picked all of you and some animals :)

Happy Easter Peeps!

If you left a blog comment, then I've emailed you what you asked for. I hope it makes your Easter just a little bit brighter. 

I just blogged the other day about how I don't love animals. They are just way more responsibility than we need right now. Well guess what....we went from having 0 animals to having 2 fish, a minnow, a beta fish (that I bought to take to school), and 10 tadpoles. Yep, I got suckered right in. haha When my daughter said "You're the best mom ever!", it made it all worth it. I just melted inside because I'm always the one who has to tell them no all of the time. 

When I walked in the pet store, I thought, ok, I can spend $10 on a couple of little fish, some food, and a bowl. WRONG! By the time it was all said and done, we ended up spending almost $50 on everything. What?? If those fish die, I'm going to be sad. $50 was actually a bargain because everything was on sale at the pet store. 
Meet our new friends. 

This is the girls after the egg hunt yesterday. They caught the minnow and the tadpoles. We thought it would be cool to watch them grow. 

I'm off to color eggs, hide eggs, hunt eggs, work on lesson plans, and help my middle baby work on her timeline project for 3rd grade. Whoo! I'm already tired just thinking about it all!

Have a very Blessed and Happy Easter!

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