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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I picked all of you and some animals :)

Happy Easter Peeps!

If you left a blog comment, then I've emailed you what you asked for. I hope it makes your Easter just a little bit brighter. 

I just blogged the other day about how I don't love animals. They are just way more responsibility than we need right now. Well guess what....we went from having 0 animals to having 2 fish, a minnow, a beta fish (that I bought to take to school), and 10 tadpoles. Yep, I got suckered right in. haha When my daughter said "You're the best mom ever!", it made it all worth it. I just melted inside because I'm always the one who has to tell them no all of the time. 

When I walked in the pet store, I thought, ok, I can spend $10 on a couple of little fish, some food, and a bowl. WRONG! By the time it was all said and done, we ended up spending almost $50 on everything. What?? If those fish die, I'm going to be sad. $50 was actually a bargain because everything was on sale at the pet store. 
Meet our new friends. 

This is the girls after the egg hunt yesterday. They caught the minnow and the tadpoles. We thought it would be cool to watch them grow. 

I'm off to color eggs, hide eggs, hunt eggs, work on lesson plans, and help my middle baby work on her timeline project for 3rd grade. Whoo! I'm already tired just thinking about it all!

Have a very Blessed and Happy Easter!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

"Ouch" said the cow and a Giveaway

My TpT store hit 100 followers. That's pretty exciting news for little 'ole me! In honor of that, I would like to give something away. Leave me a blog comment with an item you would like from my store and your email address, and I will randomly choose a winner on Sunday. :)

Ahhhhh! Spring Break is almost over. I’m really going to miss staying up late, sleeping late, and lounging around in my pajamas with my kids all day. I guess it’s okay though. I’m ready to see what my school kiddos have been up to. I wonder what they have done over the break.

This is something I worked on. I think it’s too cute, and I know my kiddos are going to love it! I really want to make another one using  /oi/ and /oy/. That would mean another late night for me. I rented a Redbox movie for us to watch tonight and we have an Easter Egg Hunt to go to tomorrow, so it probably won't happen this weekend.

“Ouch” said the cow-Literacy activities using /ow/ and /ou/.
Can you see the band-aid on the cow's head? Yep, I love it!
Ouch said the Cow Cover 
You can check it out on Teachers pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.

I will also let them continue using Spring Syllables. 

Of course they will also get to use the freebie Spring ABC Order I made. All the spring colors make me happy! 

I'm so excited for some of my blogging friends!!! 
Sara from Polka Dot Kinders has 100 followers, and I get to be part of her giveaway. It's just too cool!

Another great blogger, Kimberly Ann, from Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten is celebrating her 300 followers with a giveaway. 

Cindy from Granny Goes to school will be having her 500 follower giveaway soon. I can't wait for that one! 
While blog stalking, I came across Cindy's I have Who Has Place Value Freebie. Click the blog button to snag it up. I did!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Spring Freebie and Let's Get Acquainted

I have a bad case of stripes spring fever! I want warm weather. I'm ready to wear my capris and flip flops. 

For our last week of school before Spring Break, I made a Spring Syllable activity for my kiddos to use. They loved it, and they all did a great job reading the words and listening for the number of syllables in each word. 
Click to check it out
Teachers pay Teachers          
Teachers Notebook

I decided to make a Spring ABC Order for my kiddos to use when we go back next week. I put it on TpT and TN as a freebie. 
Click to download it for free if you can use it. 
Teachers pay Teachers          
Teachers Notebook

It seems like all the cool cats are linking up with Latoya Reed from Flying into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party. I've been reading and guessing on some of the lies that were told last week. I just can't pass up on joining in on the fun this week.

The Noun Game: Name your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.
I have four favorite people. My husband and our three children. Life is full of ups and downs, but these four are always there for me at the end of the day. 

My favorite place would probably be the beach. I can lay on a beach chair for hours!

My favorite thing would definitely be my cellular! 
 My pink zebra case makes me smile. I found it on Amazon for less than $5 because I'm cheap like that!

To be truthful, I don't really like animals. They're cute and all, but they require more attention than I'm willing to give right now. My kids want a dog, but we simply are not home enough to take care of an animal. I do love the looks of the zebra though. 

I guess since spring break will be over soon, I need to get some things cleaned and organized. 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break Vacation in Pictures

I’m from the South. I’m used to a warm, sunny Spring Break. This one was the exact opposite! It was cold and snowy!
We originally thought we would spend Spring Break at the beach. Our middle child woke up sick Saturday morning, so we didn’t go. By late afternoon, she was feeling better. My hubby decided at 4:30 that he wanted to go to the mountains. So…..we dressed, packed, and left by 5:30 without reservations. I think that was record packing time for us.
We packed so much into our three days there. Here are some pictures.
Ripley’s Aquarium.
20130324_150656 20130324_160352
Ripley’s Moving Theater
20130325_165221 20130325_165405
Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Yes, my husband is 6’5” and my 13 year old son is taller than me!)
20130325_173816 20130325_174113
Nascar Speedpark—It was snowing, so we didn’t get to ride the go karts. We only played in the arcade.
 20130325_134145 20130325_134215
Mining Gems
20130324_171418 20130324_171516
Since a little bit of snow actually stuck on Tuesday morning, we had a snowball fight. This is my husband’s truck before the snowball fight and after the snowball fight. Cold but fun! We need to work on his parking skills.
20130326_083211 20130326_090841
My husband was determined we weren’t leaving the mountains until we rode go karts. That was the whole purpose of the visit to Nascar Speedpark. It was an absolute must since my son races go karts in real life. Can you believe he won on the track? I say it’s only because there was less weight on his kart. haha By the time this ride was over, I thought my hands would never move again. I was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!!
20130326_103354 20130326_103405 20130326_103419
Snow Pretty :)
20130325_153146 20130326_083116
Now, I need to get back to my mountains of laundry since none of it got washed on vacation. I’m a wash-laundry-every-day kind of gal because I don’t like it to pile up. It piles up quickly with five people.

While I was away, a great giveaway started. Kimberly Ann from Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten is celebrating 300 followers with THREE Giveaways. Click on the pictures to go check them out and enter. It's great!!

Brittany from Lovely Literacy and More is celebrating her 200 followers with great giveaways as well. Click the picture to check it out and enter!

Have a happy day!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break and Giveaway Winner(s)

Happy Saturday and Happy Spring Break to me! Yes! Kinda in sadsville though. We wanted to go to the beach for the weekend since my hubby doesn't have to work, but the weather is supposed to be rainy. It has also been cold. This is not the spring like weather I was hoping for. 
It's a good thing we didn't book a room since my middle child woke up getting sick. Bless her sweet little heart. Hopefully, it won't last long. I will spend my day cleaning and disinfecting in hopes that no one else gets sick. Nonetheless, we are going to enjoy the time off.

On to great news. My first giveaway has ended. Thank you to all who took the time to enter. Thank you to all the amazing blogging ladies who participated to make it a success. I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

 I'm happy to announce that Gay Eskew is the lucky winner to all of the fabulous prizes. 

Hold up-wait a minute!

I'm so excited that Spring Break is here that I'm in a giving mood. I decided to pick three more winners to give a product from my TpT store. 

Check your emails. Let me know what item you'd like, and I will send it your way ladies.

 Thank you again to all who entered and participated!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


There is still time to enter my 100 follower giveaway.


My bloggy friend, Irene, from Learning with Mrs. Leeby is having her 400 follower giveaway. It is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on entering.

Leeby 400 Follower Giveaway

Monday, March 18, 2013

Inspiration Monday

Oh yeah! This is how my day started! One of my little kiddos brought me a bag of chocolate. So sweet! :)

There are only four days until Spring Break. I'm really going to make it. We had a pretty good Monday. I think I'm mostly excited because I had an idea. I'm sure most of you already thought about this, but it's just coming to me. I think my brain processes all of the difficult ways before coming up with the easiest way to work things smoothly in our classroom. 
Click the picture to check it out.
Spring Syllables, a new activity I made, inspired me to figure out a better way to set up the activities I have for my kiddos to do during Word Work. After taking the time to create, laminate, and cut out an activity, I really want my kids to enjoy it and take care of it. 
I have been storing activities in the large envelopes. I don't know why, but I just don't like them. I don't like file folders either.
This is what I came up with. It's a two pocket folder. I glued the directions to the front cover. 
The left pocket holds all of the cut-out pieces in a Ziploc bag. 
The right pocket holds the half page recording sheets. 

Now, I don't know about y'all, but I don't like having to look for the master copy when all of the recording sheets run out if it's an activity my kids really like and use a lot. My solution for that is to leave a master copy in the folder with the activity. I drew a yellow line on it with a highlighter since yellow highlighter doesn't show up when it's copied. 

If you want the activity to be a self-checking one, you can glue the answer key on the back. I just put it there as an example since I correct their papers. 
This is what the activity looks like in action. There are 8 words for each syllable. 

Yes, that makes me excited. I really think I'm going to like the way it works. I hope so anyway. 

Each Monday, you can link up your inspirations with Fun in 1st Grade.