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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break Vacation in Pictures

I’m from the South. I’m used to a warm, sunny Spring Break. This one was the exact opposite! It was cold and snowy!
We originally thought we would spend Spring Break at the beach. Our middle child woke up sick Saturday morning, so we didn’t go. By late afternoon, she was feeling better. My hubby decided at 4:30 that he wanted to go to the mountains. So…..we dressed, packed, and left by 5:30 without reservations. I think that was record packing time for us.
We packed so much into our three days there. Here are some pictures.
Ripley’s Aquarium.
20130324_150656 20130324_160352
Ripley’s Moving Theater
20130325_165221 20130325_165405
Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Yes, my husband is 6’5” and my 13 year old son is taller than me!)
20130325_173816 20130325_174113
Nascar Speedpark—It was snowing, so we didn’t get to ride the go karts. We only played in the arcade.
 20130325_134145 20130325_134215
Mining Gems
20130324_171418 20130324_171516
Since a little bit of snow actually stuck on Tuesday morning, we had a snowball fight. This is my husband’s truck before the snowball fight and after the snowball fight. Cold but fun! We need to work on his parking skills.
20130326_083211 20130326_090841
My husband was determined we weren’t leaving the mountains until we rode go karts. That was the whole purpose of the visit to Nascar Speedpark. It was an absolute must since my son races go karts in real life. Can you believe he won on the track? I say it’s only because there was less weight on his kart. haha By the time this ride was over, I thought my hands would never move again. I was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!!
20130326_103354 20130326_103405 20130326_103419
Snow Pretty :)
20130325_153146 20130326_083116
Now, I need to get back to my mountains of laundry since none of it got washed on vacation. I’m a wash-laundry-every-day kind of gal because I don’t like it to pile up. It piles up quickly with five people.

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Have a happy day!


  1. Your vacay looks like a total blast! So super cute :) I hope your little sicky is feeling better! I wish I could have gone with you, it looks like way more fun than I'm having!

    Love ya,

    1. Thank you, Khrys! My sweet baby is feeling better. It was fun to get away! xoxo

  2. You must have had so much fun! Thanks for sharing your hapiness!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. We don't get to get away much as a family, so it was very nice! xoxo

  3. It looks like your family has a fantastic spring break! I love seeing family pictures- thanks so much for sharing!

    Granny Goes to School

  4. It was quite a fun trip! :)