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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Start of a Sweet Summer~Updated, New, and a Freebie

Hello Sweet Summer! :)
I hope my students are having a great start to their summer vacation! I know I am! 

I have spent the last couple of days organizing, creating some new things, and updating my Word Work Mega Pack. It was one of the very first products I loaded to my TpT store. I used it all year, and it was great! My students absolutely loved all the choices they could pick from each day. However, it needed to be updated and differentiated a little more to meet the needs of more students. It went from 32 pages to 63 pages. 

The old cover...poor thing..I've learned a lot! 

The new cover...what a difference! I <3 it!! :) 

Krista from Creative Clips is so generously giving away some fabulous puzzle pieces. That one product inspired me to create 7 products. One of them is a freebie! 

Every year, my students have loved puzzles. Sometimes, puzzle pieces get lost. When that happens, I'm just out of luck with the missing piece unless I spend the money to buy another one. Hopefully, I've solved that problem. If I create my own puzzles, I can reprint the missing piece if necessary. 

With each of these puzzles, my new little kiddos next year will get to match the short vowel word families together and record them onto the recording sheet. This will be a Word Work choice as we review all the short vowels and word families during the first few weeks. 

Each Short Vowel Word Family Puzzle is $1.50. You can buy the bundled set for only $5.50 which is $2.00 off the price of buying them individually. 

Now for the FREEBIE! 
It's 0-20 Number Puzzles. All you have to do is print, laminate, and cut to have a fun math center for your little learners! I will put it in a math center at the beginning of the school year. 

Click on any picture to check out a product! 

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