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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Break, Pumpkins, and Classroom Organization with a Freebie


I love that we are on fall break right now. It has given me a chance to slow down and enjoy my rotten little family. On Saturday, I went to a Swamp Gravy Production-Live and Learn with my sweet friend, Andrea over at Forehands Phenomenal Firsties. It was great!! On Sunday, the hubby, kids, and I went to look at some land. We have come to an agreement that both of us driving an hour to work and then an hour back home is just too much. Before the land shopping, we enjoyed lunch together. After land shopping, we enjoyed dinner together. We like to eat! :)
Having a fall break this year has also given me a chance to work on some items for my TPT store. This is what I have been working on.

This is our classroom pumpkin that I had to bring home for fall break. I didn't know it was going to take 8 days to sprout. Oops...we live and learn..right??!!

 This is the set I made to go with our classroom pumpkin. If we were going to watch it grow, I thought we needed to document what we saw. I'm thankful it sprouted before the break. You can download that (here).

Table labels for classroom organization. I made numbers and vowels. Each set has small and medium labels.  There are also two different fonts to choose from. I use the medium labels to hang above each table and the small labels for their table baskets. Since first graders need a lot of practice with the vowels, I chose to use the vowels in my classroom. You can find the Table Labels-Vowels here and the Table Labels-Numbers here.

I also put my writing labels on TPT for FREE. Just click (here). There are two different fonts. Each font has a colorful set and eight single colors for you to choose from. Labels mean organization and organization makes my heart happy. Yeppers, it does! Go ahead and download them. Now is as good a time as any to get organized.

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  1. Swamp Gravy was too cute! But I've got to talk you into going to Montgomery with me to one of the Shakespeare Festival shows( no, it's not shakespeare )!
    Wishing you and the hubby lots of luck land shopping-I prefer you close to me- I'll even let you say it's just to be close to school!!!
    Thank you for all of the blog/tpt support and encouragement.