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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Currently

Okay, so I finally got to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night. Oh man! It was so good. I'm kinda sad that it's over though. I didn't jump on that bandwagon until all four books were out. It was bad. I read all four books in a week. I skipped sleep and meals, and that's something I just don't do. haha

A new month means a new currently from Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade. 

My girls are in the bathtub playing with their barbies. They were arguing earlier, so it's nice to hear the giggles. 

There is so much progress to be made in every grade, but my little first grade babies are working so hard. Sometimes their progress doesn't come when I want it to. This has been a 'Ruby in Her Own Time' (A Scott Foresman reading story) kind of year. They are all learning in their own time, and that's A-OK!

We were told that there will be walk-throughs starting in our schools next week. It's not just our principal. I can handle that with only getting small butterflies. It's the big guys coming. That makes me get those extra big butterflies. 

There are some things that have been weighing on my mind. I have issues with making small decisions now (like where to eat). I used to make on-the-spot decisions about big things (like buying a car). Some of my decisions didn't turn out to be the smartest thing I did. When I bought my last car, it took me months to make the final decision.  

I am a worry-wart. I worry about everything. I know I ultimately don't have control, but I can't help it.

Like, Love, Hate
My first name is Dawn.
I like Donuts.
I love Dew (Mountain). It is my drink of choice. Do the Dew!
I hate driving. I drive 48 miles to school and 48 miles home. Our home is for sale. That's one of those decisions I'm struggling to make. 

Go link up with Farley, and remember the rule of three. 


  1. 48 miles! Wow that is a far one! I hope the traffic isn't bad for you at least! At least you have time to reflect on your day!:)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Wow--you're a trooper for driving 48 miles to and from school! I drive about 3-4, but it will change to closer to 9 when I move soon. I guess you've helped me put things in perspective!
    I hope your decision-making worries begin to lighten up soon!

  3. 48 miles? I would hate driving too! I drive 2 miles and that is enough!
    Oh boy!
    Walk throughs are routine at my school, the kids are even over it! Once you get used to people coming in and out, it is easy, don't sweat it!

  4. 48 miles is a long way! It takes me about 40 minutes to get to my school, ugh.

  5. I drive a 1/2 hr both ways, but in ABQ, typically no big deal traffic. I imagine in Alabama it would be like an hr each way. Walk fun. I always get nervous when observed. I'd do soooo much better if I just video taped myself and turned that in instead.
    Your girls sound like mine! Girls, they sure keep you busy.
    Good luck with it all,