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Friday, April 26, 2013

Frog Fun

Hey peeps! Are you all as sleepy as I am? Man, I'm feeling drained! It has been a very busy week. I have a feeling the next four weeks are going to be just as busy! There are so many fun things that happen at the end of the year. I can't wait for our field trip and field day. Yeah!
A few posts ago, I talked about how I took tadpoles to my classroom, so we could watch them grow into frogs. Then, I talked about how they all died. So sad! Well, I went ahead and finished teaching about frogs. 
We started our learning with the famous KWL Chart. I think my little kiddos had a few great questions. We were supposed to fill out the 'L' part today, but I took the day off to go on a field trip with my 3rd grade daughter. That will have to be done next week. 

We also filled out a Frogs: Can-Have-Are Chart. I don't make the neatest anchor charts, but they work for our learning. :) The big books below are a couple of the books I inherited when I moved into my classroom. We read those, and they have some really great pictures in them. Kids love the nonfiction text! There were a lot of Oohhhs, Ahhhs and even some Eewwws over the pictures!

After reading and talking about frogs, you know writing comes next. All of my students are on different writing levels, but I am so proud of how far they've all come. Some of my children weren't able to write one word in their journals on their own at the beginning of the year. Now, my babes can write paragraphs. We may still be working on how to start a sentence with some of them, but there is SO much improvement. Some of my others can write an entire page and stay on topic. 

This is my example of the little frog craft. It is quite simple to put together. I showed my kids that you can make paper and ribbon curl by using their scissors. They thought that was the coolest thing.  

Everything here along with so much more is included in Frogs~A fun Science Unit for little learners. 

Click the links to check it out. 
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  1. Looks like so much fun! I bet your students learned so much about frogs.

    Blooming In First

    butler . erica @ gmail . com

  2. Looks so cute! Would love to win! thanks!

  3. Love the froggie crafts! These looks like such fun!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  4. THe frog craft is so cute!

  5. You did a great job!! :( the tadpoles died:( Love this idea plus it is soooo cute!

  6. Love the folded frog! Hope all goes well with your tadpoles next time...would be hard to explain to first graders.

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. I do a frog unit at the beginning of the year - this would fit perfectly!! :o)


  8. Thank you all for commenting! I've sent emails to the three winners! :)