Adventures with Mrs. Key

Monday, October 1, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Anchor Chart

I love fall and all the activities that go with it. We started our apple unit today, so I made a large apple to put Johnny Appleseed facts on. After reading about Johnny Appleseed, we talked about him, how he traveled all over the world to plant apple trees, and about the kind of person he was. Since we have talked about wild/tame animals during reading, their favorite fact was that he had a wolf as a pet. They said "Mrs. Key, you aren't supposed to have a wolf as a pet. They are wild animals." I love how first graders minds think. Tomorrow, we will add the facts we wrote to the apple. Later in the week, we will make a Johnny Appleseed craft and write about him.



  1. My kids had a BLAST learning about Johnny Appleseed! While we were learning about him they wanted to know how the worm gets inside of the apple. I LOVED the look on their faces when they learned how that happens. I have never enjoyed my unit as much as this year. I love your chart. That's cute. I posted what they learned on a tree I made and used die cut apples to put their facts. I guess 1st grade and Johnny Appleseed just go hand in hand.

  2. I like to eat apples, so I prefer not to think of the worms getting in them. Yuck! LOL I took a picture of the finished product, but I used my phone. When I got home to upload it, the picture wouldn't show up...gotta love a smart phone! Your idea sounds awesome!