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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tracin' and Eatin' 3D Shapes

Wowzers! We've been so busy in first grade. Of course, I know you all have been. It's crunch time to be sure these babies are ready for second grade. Right now, my biggest fear is that they aren't ready. We've learned so much, but there's so much left to learn/review in these last few weeks. 

We have been working with 3-D shapes. Here, my kiddos are working on building and repeating their shapes. My trick to help them remember that once they built the shapes, they couldn't come apart was to sing "Stuck Like Glue". I'm thankful they don't remind me how horrible my singing is. 

 To make things fun, I headed to the Dollar Tree. You know, that place teachers can afford to shop at. I searched for 3-D shaped snacks. Then, I headed home to make new sheets to match the snacks I was able to find. This was a hit, and I only spent $6 on the candy! That's a win-win in my book!

You can click either picture to snag a free copy if you're able to use it. If so, I hope you enjoy! 

Before I go, I want to direct you to a great giveaway. Kelly from First Grade Fairytale is having her fabulous 400 follower giveaway. 

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