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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Daily 5 Posters~Freebie

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Happy Saturday! It's the day of the week that you are likely to find me creating, printing, laminating, and cutting. I absolutely love creating, printing, and laminating. However, I really really really dislike cutting the laminated stuff out! Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I need a personal cutter. :)

We have made it through two and a half weeks of school. Every year, I forget how much independence we have to build in first grade. I have to say that my new little loves are doing a great job with their stamina in Daily 5 reading and writing. I made some new Daily 5 posters and rotation cards. They're free in my TpT store. Click the picture if you'd like to use them.

This is kind of what my center rotation will look like after my kiddos learn all of the rotations. I wrote names on the Group cards. Each day, I will move the group cards down one spot so students have the opportunity to rotate through all 6 areas throughout the week since I do a computer rotation. 

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